Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Kids and transitions

Again, I don't have a fresh question to ask, so I'm taking from the comments on Ashley's older postWhat are ways you help your children deal with many transitions?

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  1. We have been in Australia 8 months. I feel our kids adjusted well. We made the move fun and exciting. We made their bedrooms special for them. And skype when we get the chance, to help them not forget family and friends in America.

  2. We are planning a furlough at the end of this year and have talked with our children about things that we think they are unfamiliar with to prepare them a little. Only two of them remember our last furlough (and only bits and pieces).

    We let them bring a special sleep animal and blanket (they were all pretty small on our last furlough), but I don't really remember doing much else. They were all pretty happy.

    This time they are elementary ages and I wonder if there are any other ways we should be preparing them, or if I over-think/worry about it!

    Joy in Nepal

  3. My daughter really struggles with transitions, and we have found that letting her keep a journal seems to help. She can write down how she is feeling and look over it when she wants to remember.

  4. The only thing that I've really noticed is that when I'm doing well with transitions, my children are fine, too. The time that I fell apart was the time that I really saw them struggle. That doesn't mean that I need to fake anything, but I do need to be careful and aware. If I ground myself in the Word and let my Father carry me, that's going to go a long way toward helping my children. At least while they're so little and dependent on me.