Saturday, August 18, 2012

Calm My Anxious Heart, chapter 4

This is the next installment in my series on Calm My Anxious Heart. You can read the earlier parts here: chapter 1chapter 2, and chapter 3.

Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.
Matthew 20:28
Am I content with my role? Yes! There is nothing I would rather be than a wife and mother. But... also, no? Am I content with every part of every role that I play now?

My roles--wife and mother--are probably the same two main roles for most of us here. Some of you can add grandmother, missionary (well, we're all missionaries, but I mean in a specific, active ministry role; I'm not there now), and maybe something else. For me mothering is natural; I'm not saying that it's not hard, but it just comes naturally to me. Being a wife is what I have to work at. Is it the opposite for you, or can you relate to me? This chapter challenged me in that, most of all. There weren't too many specifics, and I don't know that I actually complain about my role as a wife, but I could definitely grow in it.

Also, I am obviously not a widow or a single women, but the parts about loneliness directed to them spoke to my heart. I'm not longing for a husband. I have a wonderful husband! But there are so many times when I sigh for a friend. God has not given me anyone for many years now, and I struggle with that. I don't know if loneliness can be counted as a "role" in the sense that this chapter is speaking of, but I was encouraged once again to accept the loneliness I feel as my portion for now and let it constantly turn me toward my heavenly Father.

A few good quotes...
After saying that young people long for when they will finally grow up and be able to do what they want, and then asking when that finally comes: 
"We grow up when we see our life and our role from God's perspective; when we thank God for the role He has assigned us and begin to see our cup as a gift instead of a cross; when each morning we ask, 'God, how can I glorify You today in my given role?'" (page 56)
"If we're trusting God that His portion for us is best, we can make the secret choices that will bring us a heart of contentment" (page 58).
"What is God's standard of evaluation for you and me in our given roles? Success? Perfection? ...Fathfulness is God's standard! ...Will you pray this prayer?
Holy Father, You know the joys, the heartaches of my role. I confess that I have fought against what You have given. Grant me the courage to be a servent. Oh, God, I long to be faithful to You. I accept my assigned role as a gift. Teach me to 'cease striving and know that You are God'" (page 62).

A question from the study guide: "How can you apply Matthew 20:28 and serve the people in your life this week?" Do you have any thoughts to share with us about being content in your role(s)?

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