Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Topic: "Imports"

What do you buy or have sent from your home country? What are your treats or the things that you would just rather have from there? What can't you get where you are now?

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  1. I always have my mum or mother-in-law bring me a big bag of cornmeal when they visit! Oh, how I miss having corn bread with my chilli and soup.

  2. Baking soda is something that I will be taking back with me to Loja. It is only available by the tsp there and I want a nice big box!

  3. We don't have people bring as much as we used to, but do love it when visitors bring baking items that are hard to get or expensive here - like peanut butter chips, mint chocolate chips, or cookie sprinkles. We still bring most of our kids' clothes back from the States because they are much cheaper and better quality than here. And, being very pale, I get my make-up in the States. =) Oh, and kids' books are always a favorite, too!

  4. How about the Mccormicks spaghetti packets! Oh how I miss these fast paced life if only having an hour to cook and eat dinner. Wait, actually I don't. I have really enjoyed being encouraged to learn to cook from scratch . 'Encouraged' is a nice way of saying had I not learned we may have all been really hungry by now! Having said that though I do still value having a few on hand when I am in a pinch or just want the spaghetti sauce to taste Like it used to. I also love bacon bitts and where we live pork is a huge no-no. I must say that I have just recently finished a decade long relationship with Mary Kay cosmetics. It was easier than I thought. Especially since a glorious new local store opened up that sells amazing makeup for great prices. I am feeling so blessed.

  5. Baking powder here is like Becka said that baking soda is there. I've been known to import a can of baking powder and then refill it from the little packets when it runs out. :-)

    Books are the main thing we've brought over the years, but now that we have two Kindles that has slowed down.

    Other things:
    -Crayola markers (Starting to show up in big stores in big cities, but they're still expensive!)
    -construction paper (My girls just like it.)
    -and other fun craft supplies
    -Vitamin D (Available here, but I wanted something with a little more quality.)
    -any interesting spices: my husband likes cajun seasoning and such.

    I also used to ask for cornmeal and chocolate chips and such, but lately, when I do have those, they just sit, unused. Oops.

  6. I bring back with me, or have sent, Grill Mates marinade packets. It makes my life so much easier, and my husband likes them alot. I also like pepperoni for homemade pizza. Those are just a few of our favorites. (Tanzania)

  7. I bring back with me, or have sent, Grill Mates marinade packets. It makes my life so much easier, and my husband likes them alot. I also like pepperoni for homemade pizza. Those are just a few of our favorites. (Tanzania)

  8. We've slowly weaned ourselves off of food products from America, but I love to get maple flavoring because I can make my own pancake syrup with it!

    Cosmetics that are cheap in America are EXPENSIVE here, so I bring what I can. Ditto for sunscreen.

    But the main thing is books!! School books, sonlight orders. I just got a few kindles and am interested to see how much we use them!

  9. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! My all time favorite candy, and it's such a treat to get it when we have visitors!

  10. We bring BOOKS and BOOKS and MORE BOOKS.

    We've lived here 10 years and I can count the visitors we've had on one hand, so I can't really think of things I'd want. (There's a lot of imported chocolate here because Nepal makes very little on its own--so that one is solved by my very dddh.

    Oh, deodorant. Can't get that yet, and won't go without it.

    Oh, and clothes because the quality is SO cheap, anything ready-made falls apart quickly. I do like getting things tailor-made, and do that sometimes, but we prefer the nice cotton clothing available in the US to the synthetics that are more common here.

    And some spices and flavorings (vanilla, maple).

    Joy in Nepal

  11. It is so fun reading everyone's comments! I like to bring good coffee and coffee syrups, vanilla extract, kids' clothes, and kids' picture books in English. I also have fun trying to think of a few special gifts for my husband that are especially from "home" to give him on birthdays/Christmas/anniversaries, etc. My husband does the same for me and it is always so fun to open a gift that was picked out long ago and that has special sentimental meaning.