Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Answered prayer

Remember, we shared prayer requests a month ago? Go back and look what we wrote then. That's this week's topic: How has God answered the things we prayed about last month? Did He give a clear Yes, No, or Maybe? Any special miraculous answers? Please feel free to share new requests, too.

(If you have a “Tuesday Topic” question, please email it to me at fylliska@gmail.com. Provide your blog address if you would like to be linked to, or specify if you would like to remain anonymous. Thanks!)


  1. I love that you did this, Phyllis! I love hearing God's answers to prayer.

    I had asked for prayers for strength and endurance with the kids while my husband was away, and though I don't remember exactly how it all ended up, we all survived! =) I remember it getting a bit better on the home stretch, but it was a tiring week!

    The other prayer request was for a cough that I have had for years that has perplexed doctors. Thank you so much for praying! I finally got not only an answer but a successful treatment! It turns out that I had some sort of food-borne illness that can take up residence in a person's stomach and live for years on end. One side effect is reflux. I also was diagnosed with minor reflux that was most likely further irritated by the illness. Those in combination were irritating my throat (the acid was). I just finished some antibiotics and am still on another medicine and am doing SO much better! Praise God and thank you so much to those of you who prayed for me!!!

  2. I asked for prayer for our visa situation. With all the new laws and changing laws, it gets confusing. The newest advice we got from local immigration was to not get a invitation for rel. work for all of us, but just for the men. The wives and children would get some other kind of visa to reunite the family, but it's still a big question. So now the invitation we were hoping to get for before our trip to Budapest is a no go, and we plan to get our train ticket refund. Please keep praying as we sort this all out!

  3. I had asked for prayers for our travels. God said no to my specific request for health. He gave an abundant yes for everything else, though. Our travel times have gone so smoothly, and we have had wonderful visits with so many people. Praise Him for that! The day after tomorrow we will start our trek back to Ukraine, so please keep praying for our travels.

    Karen, I did pray for all the requests before, but especially for yours. I will keep praying. Also, I heard of a couple who serves in Kherson who just had to fly out unexpectedly because of visa problems. Let's pray for them, too; their last name starts with P.