Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Prayer requests

I think this is my favorite question, when Ashley has asked it in the past: How can we pray for you right now?

I'm writing this in advance and scheduling it to post, but I know what you can be praying for us right now. This is the day we're due to arrive in the states, after four years away. Please pray for us to recover from the travel and adjust quickly, and that we won't get sick. Thanks!

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  1. We're heading to Florida on Friday for a brother's wedding. Just a two week visit. We've only been in Uganda a year- a good year- I'm just praying that this trip won't sabotage the good adjustments we've made so far!

  2. We're planning a visa trip to Budapest in July. Please pray that everything comes together for that trip, including our invitation letter to be ready by then!

  3. I'm hoping to have opportunities to connect with mums in our community. Mums and Toddler groups are very popular here, and I'm hoping now that our son is a bit older to get into a group or two.

  4. I'm on the final night of being home with the kids while my husband is away on a ministry trip. It's been an long five days as the kids have been pushing boundaries way more than usual and have needed a ton of energy-intensive parenting. I'm exhausted!! We're going out to play to burn off some energy, and then it's bedtime! If anyone reads this, I'd love prayers for patience tonight and then tomorrow when I get the kids off to pre-school.

    I've also had a weird illness/throat problem going on for about 7 months now (mild symptoms for longer than that even). I'd love prayer for that to resolve or doctors to actually figure out what's wrong. Thanks!

    I'll be praying for all of you as well!

  5. I would love my prayer for my two kids to finish the school year well...they have a week and a half to go. This year has been a difficult one and I want to end on a good note academically and with behavior. I will keep you ladies in prayer too!