Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Hobbies

Do you have a hobby? What is it?

It's perfectly fine if you don't have a specific or traditional hobby, of course. For years this question actually made me uncomfortable. I'd usually answer something like, "Um, er... I like to read?" And then I realized that my family is my avocation and vocation, so I started bravely answering that my hobby is raising children. (That's about the same as what I say when people ask what we're growing at our dacha: "We're growing children!") But then, recently I picked up knitting, and now I'm something of a rabid knitter. Anyway, this isn't just an empty question. I was thinking that if we have a lot of readers and/or crafers here, it might be fun to share some of our books and projects with each other sometimes.

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  1. I also like to go for long walks. I have a cross stitch bag with all my cross stitch stuff, but I haven't worked on anything with that recently. I also like to make my own note cards on occasion.

    I definitely count reading as a hobby! I have a Kindle, which helps with not having to ship books overseas. I enjoy books by Lynn Austin, Tracy Peterson, Charles Martin, Francine Rivers, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Elizabeth George, and Linda Dillow.

  2. I'm also a reader (Karen, I love my Kindle too! One of the best ever inventions for missionaries in my opinion.). My other hobbies include drinking coffee and trying to re-create various latte recipes from back "home..." As in I like making my own coffee syrups and figuring out recipes like pumpkin spice lattes, cafe viennas, peppermint mochas, etc., blogging to encourage other missionary women during the seasons that I have more online time, learning about and enjoying Russian culture and life! Oh, and I don't know if it counts as a hobby, but I LOVE Russian babushkas, and any day that I get to have a nice conversation with one of these dear women who have lived through so much is usually a great day. If we weren't in student ministry, I might want to be in babushka ministry! =)

  3. Ha! Yep, I would say raising kids right now is my hobby. Most of what I do revolves around them, even if it is photography or knitting or cooking (all of which I really enjoy). And then there is just the crafting that comes with birthday parties and celebrations and just plain old making life a little bit nicer. I do enjoy writing and our blog has been such a good creative outlet for me over the years.

  4. I too would say that my baby is my hobby at the moment. :) He's such a joy! I blog as a hobby... I'm with Liz on it being a creative outlet. I also crochet. I started this tradition of crocheting blankets for all of my nephews and nieces. We'll see how that goes now that I have a baby of my own! I've also done some digital scrapbooking...

  5. I think my hobby might be talking. At least it's free?