Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm back!

We've been back in Ukraine for a week now, after a wonderful, busy, exhausting trip to visit our families and supporters. It was really a great trip; now we just have to settle back into regular life. I am really just basking in being home, though.

Blog news: We're ready to write more! The blog team has been brainstorming together, and we have a posting schedule worked out now. We are planning approximately three posts a week: the Tuesday Topic, plus one devotional and one "practical" post. Some weeks there might be more, some weeks less. I'm excited to see what everyone will come up with to share. Personally, I'm aiming to write once every other week for now; I'll be working through Calm My Anxious Heart, the book that I've already written about before.

Resources page: I'd like to start a resources page, with links to helps for missionary life, like the organization that provided us with a vehicle in the states and others along those lines. If you have ideas for that, please send them to my email ( Watch for a link to a resources page to appear above.

Helping out: If you would like to be a regular contributor, please write to me. If you had already done that, and I haven't gotten back to you, please forgive me and write again now. Also, please do send in those Tuesday Topic questions! We don't have many yet. Send to my email address above.

How is your summer going so far? What have you been busy with? Do you have any ideas of what you'd like to see on this blog?


  1. Summer's going well so far! This past week though, I've been busy with a baby who got his first cold. :( Not so fun. At the beginning of August, we get to go to London for the Olympics!! :)

  2. Summer has been HOT here!! Like one of the hottest on record for Michigan! So we've been swimming a lot and thanking the Lord daily for the air conditioner in the mission house we are staying in! We've also had a lot of family stuff this summer, with a high school graduation and open house, a new baby and a wedding all on one side of the family! In a couple of weeks we'll hit the road for two plus weeks, making stops up north with supporters, our former camp and more family! It will be slowing down to get back to Costa Rica!

  3. I'm in Australia, so it seems to be summer all year long, although it's technically winter. We live in the Northern Territory, so we really have two seasons -wet and dry, and this is the dry season. The temps are around the 80s which are wonderful, but it's starting to heat up and the humidity is closing in on us!

  4. Welcome back, Phyllis! It sounds like you had a great trip (had fun looking at you family blog yesterday). And I am so excited about the plans for the blog!! You guys are awesome and organized!

    Summer here has been good and busy and anything but routine! I kind of like the change of pace and all of the variety. My husband is traveling a lot for ministry purposes (he's away this week even) so that means that I have lots of time where it is just me and the kids. It has gone well and we've been having fun, though we miss having him here! We have had a group of British students here for a few weeks to help us in ministry, so that has been great. I love their enthusiasm!