Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Materialism

Since I haven't gotten any questions, I'll ask another of my own: How do you deal with materialism in your children? It seems like MKs should do really well in this area, but I don't know. Mine are too little to tell. I have been questioning since this last trip to America. A certain child of ours keeps talking about wanting to live in America some day: "So that I have this and have that, and buy this and...." I've seen this in the children of immigrants to America, too; they didn't grow up with the materialism, so it just overwhelms them and eats them up with they do come across it.

This is kind of moving beyond the Tuesday Topic, and into devotional, but I loved this recent post by Ann Voskamp. These quotes...!
American dreams are about having much and God dreams are about giving much. 
American dreams are about this need to become a someone. God dreams are about becoming bread for anyone in need because they love SomeOne.
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  1. This is a tough one. My kids are older now, but I think all of us are a bit materialistic. I'm trying to pare down, especially with clothing! We just gave about 20 or more bags of clothes and shoes to an orphanage here. In cleaning out a little bit more, I found two boxes of matchbox/hot wheels cars. Maybe I'll donate them when it gets closer to Christmas time.

    I think that realizing that material things do not bring happiness comes with experience. I feel like I can probably get by on less possessions than I felt maybe 10 to 15 years ago!

  2. My kids and I recently returned from a trip to the States and my daughter won't stop talking about all the stuff she wants to buy the next time we are there. I think for us it is sometimes aggravated by visitors who shower the "poor missionary children" with gifts. They would never know the latest toys and treats that they are missing out on, but like you said, it is overwhelming when they become exposed to it. Involving them in our ministry helps them realize that there are many who have less, but they are also keenly aware that there are many who have more than them! I think my own attitude sets the tone so I watch when I complain about not having air conditioning, a working dryer, etc. because they do learn so much by our example. This is a good question to consider for sure!