Saturday, February 7, 2015

You're not Asking for Yourself

We had been married for only a few weeks when we found ourselves sitting with the pastor of our sending church. He asked us what our ministry will look like now that I was a part of it. Then he asked how our support raising was going. I was new to missions and raising support, so it was a struggle for me. I explained that it was hard to ask for support because it felt selfish. What Pastor said in response helped change my attitude and gave me more confidence.
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You're not asking for yourself.

What? But we're asking for people to support us by giving us any spare change they have so that we can do what God has called us to do. How is that not selfish? Well, it's not selfish. The truth is we ask for support because God wants us to serve in our respective host countries and we want our family and friends to come along side us as a part of our ministry. We're giving them the opportunity to serve God with us. By asking our family and friends for support, we're inviting them to join us in our ministry as we take the good news of Jesus to the places where they cannot go. They can help advance the Gospel, and you're the one who is giving them the opportunity!

So, is raising support easier when you remember that you're not asking for yourself? No, not really. The different perspective helps, but it's still not easy. Now to keep this in mind the next time we find ourselves sitting with potential supporters...

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