Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tuesday Together: MKs growing up

(Yes, I know it's not Tuesday. I'm sorry! Yesterday just ran away from me.)

I was really encouraged by Christie's post about her teen daughter. And that led me to want to discuss more: If your children are still young, what kind of path do you think they'll take as they get older? If you're in the midst of older children, what directions are yours headed (in general)?

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  1. Yes, I loved Christie's post too but never managed to comment! I love her sensitivity to her daughter's needs. So important. My kids are pretty young (oldest 9), so I have no idea where they will end up. In general we expect that they'll all probably go to college in the U.S. Our second oldest, 7, is in a phase where he feels like it would be way cooler to live in the US. I think this is the "Disneyland phenomenon" after having so much fun on our last summer visit. =) I've met a lot of former MKs here in St. Pete, many who were raised in completely different countries, who are now missionaries themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if some of my kids ended up choosing to live overseas, simply because that seems to be common. Has anyone heard a statistic on how many TCKs choose to live overseas in their adult lives? I'd be curious to know that fact...

  2. I would like to know that statistic, too.

    So far, I don't really know where ours are headed either. They want to live "in the forest," or something like that, if you ask them now. :-) I want to encourage them toward at least a year or two of Bible college before they do anything else in their adult lives, and I really wouldn't mind if they choose something close us for that.

    I will say that age 18->America->college isn't an automatic default. Unless they believe that God is leading them that way, of course.

  3. Our two are already grown. For different reasons, both ended up in the US after they were done with high school. Both have jobs and some college (and our daughter plans to graduate next year.) We pray alot for both of them - our daughter has some good plans and has made good decisions, but our son has walked away from the Lord. ~Karen~