Saturday, February 21, 2015

Books for Missionary Families

You know me, I love sharing practical things that make our life overseas just a bit easier or more familiar.  And boy, do I have a fun resource to share with you today!!

So, one of the things that was hardest for us to leave behind when we moved to Costa Rica was our books.  Oh, sure, we were thrilled when someone gave us a Kindle, but you all know, there is something different about holding the physical book in your hands, the smell, the knowing where something is on a page.

Now that we have a young reader on our hands who is devouring everything we give him, it's become more of a challenge to find quality books that we can afford.  Seriously, books are so expensive in Costa Rica, not to mention the selection of English books is very limited.

Well.  I don't really remember where I found out about Gail and her Kid's Books without Boarders, but can I just tell you, this lady is amazing!!!

She grew up in France as a MK and one of her favorite things was getting new English books.  She and her husband now live in Indiana and she has this fantastic ministry of giving (yes, you read that right, GIVING) books to missionary families!  She does ask that you pay the shipping within the US (she uses media mail, so the cost is very low).

We've gotten several orders from her and she is so fun!  She found out we were from Michigan and when she ran across a book about Michigan, she just included it in our order.  She has a really good selection of books, everything from non fiction to picture books, to quality novels.  There is also a great selection of books that would appeal to families living overseas.  We've gotten several with Latin American themes and one about how sometimes language learning can just be hard.  That one in particular was helpful to read as we struggle through language learning with our kids. 

So seriously, hop on over to Kid's Books without Borders and send Gail an email!  And tell her Liz sent ya.

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