Monday, December 9, 2013

I'll be home for Christmas...

... home, in Costa Rica. 

We'll be here, just the four of us, for Christmas this year. I've been feeling nostalgic and homesick for the States the past couple of days. When I'm missing our family there, my mind can wander to a scene of what it would be like if we were there with them.  I see candles glowing, stockings hanging, fire burning, family laughing, snow falling, grandparents and my little ones snuggling. A mist of tears drowns this scene, and as I wipe them away, my eyes and ears are opened to the scene surrounding me here.

I see a sweet newborn babe's newly discovered smile, a big open-mouthed grin, as she gazes up at me...

I hear our tea kettle whistling, even though it's sunny and 75 degrees outside...

I see the glistening reflection in our tile floor of the twinkling lights of our cyprus Christmas tree...

I hear a precious, clear, 2 year old voice singing "Away in the Manger" as he plays with his little paper and plastic nativity scene...

My heart is lifted, a smile comes, and my spirit rejoices.

I'm home.

I'll be home for Christmas. In Costa Rica.

Then, my now thankful eyes fall on yet another scene, the simple nativity in the center of our table. I think of Jesus. My King. My God who left His home, the glory of heaven, to redeem me, to give me an eternal home. With Him.

And, my heart is truly home. In Jesus.

I'll be home for Christmas.

O holy Child of Bethlehem!
Descend to us, we pray;
Cast out our sins and enter in,
Be born in us today.
We hear the Christmas angels
The great, glad tidings tell,
O come to us, abide with us,
Our Lord Emmanuel!

This is a 2010 post copied from my personal blog.  Now, three years later, Costa Rica is home to us, but we plan to be in the States for Christmas and I am anticipating missing Christmas in Costa Rica - the smell of the cyprus tree, Spanish Christmas carols, tamales on Christmas Eve, worship with our church family...  I'm praying for myself, and all of you, that we will find our joy, hope, and home in Jesus this Christmas! 

Where will you be this Christmas?  How is God encouraging you as you may feel far from home, loved ones, and special traditions?


  1. Encouraging post, Sarah! We'll be spending Christmas in England this year. Since we were just in the US, going back for Christmas is a bit too expensive! We always try to surround ourselves with family, whether from our organisation or from church. We also try to include our state-side family in as much of our Christmas celebrations as we can over Skype.

  2. We're in America on furlough this Christmas... expecting our third baby any day now! It is a sweet time, but I'm also missing our tropical Christmas and my own house this season! Always so bitter-sweet. But He is our true home and the reason we do what we do! Blessings!

  3. What a beautiful post, Sarah! We're home for Christmas in Turkey. I miss my family, but also welcome the chance to focus more on the spiritual celebration of Christmas. And it's a blessing to open my home to Turks, who otherwise would have NO OPPORTUNITY to celebrate Christmas, an ignored unknown holiday here. We light our advent wreath nightly, and God shows me that He is Emmanuel, God with us wherever we are!