Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Topic: Shopping

I was talking to someone planning to move here with a large family (more children than Richelle!). She was asking where to buy in bulk and such, and that got me thinking: How do you shop? In bulk? Daily at the corner store? Outdoor market? One a month orders brought in by plane? What are the options where you live, and how to you make them work for your family?

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  1. We have the option to have our groceries delivered from a local grocery store! So great with littles at home! :)

    I suppose as our family grows, we'll need to buy things in bulk more. Amazon subscribe and save has worked at times for us, and there is a Costco an hour or so away that we could go to as well.

  2. Great question, Phyllis! We shop at the market, big grocery store and small corner store! I love the produce from the open air market, and am SO THANKFUL my husband goes twice a week. Otherwise it would be too much to handle myself. I wish I were a more organized shopper, but I often find myself stopping by the store two or more times a week! Especially in December...

  3. We bought staples: powdered milk, rice, flour, sugar, oil, yeast, tomato paste, beans, etc in bulk. When some veggies were in season would also buy in bulk and can/freeze. Freezing was always a risk... if we lost power for too long... the resulting mess was just that: a mess. Usually a.combo of local markets - one big and the other small. There were small boutiques where'd pick up other things and a couple of larger supermarkets that catered to expats with imported food items.

    1. Forgot to add - bulk was as needed. Otherwise I went once a week (or sent hubby with a list if he was driving into that part of town. Although I preferred to get the fresh stuff.

  4. When we first moved here, I thought I needed to shop once a week...and it stressed me out!! So I went back to once a month like I did in the North Woods. We have a cousin of Costco here called PriceSmart and we have Walmart of all things. I do those two stores once a month and we go to the market each week on our way to church for our produce, eggs, honey, and herbs. Sometimes we hit up the pulperia (corner store) for something we need in a pinch, baguettes, an extra onion, or a box of milk.

  5. We shop at the market once a week for our fresh produce, Tesco (like Walmart) once a month or as needed ( often less than once a month) for non perishables and household items, and the corner stores and stalls as needed. We prefer the market by far, and are slowly inching towards buying everything we need there, but we can't get rid of Tesco completely until Aiden is out of diapers :o)