Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday Topic: 2013!

Happy New Year! I haven't been too regular with the Tuesday Topics lately. Sorry. Send me suggestions of what you want to talk about.

I do have one for today: What is your favorite memory from 2013?

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  1. This has been a tough year for us, but my favorite memory is the birth of our 4th child, a sweet little now-9-month-old boy. We also had a wonderful little family trip to Finland for a few days. It was such an oasis to be able to rest and just spend time together as a family out in nature in the midst of a year of many storms.

  2. I have two favorite memories:

    1. A quick 7 day trip to Pasadena, CA with my husband for his graduation from Fuller. We had never been on a trip like that alone since our kids were born.

    2. My 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter were baptized in August, and it was a sweet event with our team, Turkish believing friends and many Mslms too.