Sunday, December 22, 2013


One of the traditions that have developed over the last 10 years in our little family is our Christmas card.   Somehow, that first year we were married, we had a silly one.

And then things went this one

Or this one

And now, I give you this years:

So what traditions do you all have?  Silly, serious?  What has worked in both your home culture and your host culture?


  1. Love this Liz! So funny :)

    We have donuts for breakfast every Christmas. A tradition I decided to start when we stayed in Carlisle for Christmas a few years ago.

    1. Perfect! And what's funny is this is one of our best received publications! People keep them on their fridge all year and tell their friends about these crazy missionaries in Costa Rica. Good PR!

  2. Liz! This is hilarious! Looking at your cards makes me want to develop some crazy, fun traditions too. One Cruz tradition is home made cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast.

    Watched the movie "Elf" for the first time this year. (Where have I been all this time? Maybe in Turkey?) I'm thinking that should be a yearly event.

    1. My husband always does Christmas pancakes Christmas morning...but I think I want to do cinnamon rolls Christmas Eve morning...we'll see :)