Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Topic: Climate/Clothing

From a reader who is preparing to move overseas:
What is the climate like where you are and how do you typically dress there?

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  1. We live in Costa Rica, in an area that it is pretty hot year-round (upper 80s to mid-90s average). I wear mostly knit tops and skirts with sandals. While it is not necessary to a skirt here, I am most comfortable in them, especially since I am cooler in them while still looking more dressed up, which is important in the culture here. Half of the year is the rainy season, which means I need shoes that are good in the rain since we walk a lot... As we have become more acclimated, I have found that I get cold when the temps dip below about 82F, so I need some light sweaters, jackets, and scarves in the evenings.

  2. It's really hot here in the summers, and pretty cold in the winters. I actually struggle with being hot in the winters, though. Indoor spaces and transportation are kept VERY warm, and you really can't just dress lightly, because people will think that you're insane. So, we have tried to perfect the technique of looking warmly dressed, but without overheating, for us and our children (i.e. coat on top, tank top underneath or something along those lines).

    Another random thing about clothing is that I've heard an American missionary say that he's never met an American who moved over here and didn't start dressing at least a little more nicely. People tend to put more thought into how they look; no running out to the store in sweat pants!

  3. HOT and tropical.
    We are expected to dress conservatively and cover our shoulders, legs, and feet (no sandals)...so I wear a lot of thin leggings, flowy skirts and dresses, thin cotton blouses and shirts, and loose-fitting high heels or boots. Thai people like silk but it is nearly impossible to wear that outside of high air conditioning. Same for heavier cotton. You can wear three-quarter sleeves or long pants, but only if it is thin cotton (but not too thin).
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