Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Word

A few weeks ago we found a smokin' deal on a used trampoline here in Costa Rica.  And by smokin' I mean 1/4 the price of a new one here.  We went in on it with our neighbors (they have a little boy too) and my boys can't scarf thier breakfasts fast enough in the morning to get out and jump.

The other day I overheard one of them saying something about a brincaline.  I burst out lauging.  Here in Costa Rica, the word we use for jump is brincar.  So, Brincar + Trampoline = Brincaline. 

I love bilingual kids!

What is the best bilingual story you have?


  1. Hmm. I should have a lot of stories, but nothing is coming to mind right now.

    This summer has been funny, because our neighbors across the street have their grandchildren visiting from Portugal. The two oldest are a boy and a girl the same ages as our oldest boy and girl, so they play together a lot. I've noticed that before every game they agree on the rules, then our children say, "Russian only! None of your language!" and the others say, "None of yours either!" Then they play happily. :-)

  2. Sometimes it is hilarious to listen to our children... um family... talk because the/we all will use words from French, Hausa and Zarma... or then do something like add -ed to the end of a verb in another language, anglo-cizing it (like I just did there... with -ing instead... I meant to say english-ifying it...) :-)

    1. heheh, yep, we do that all the time too! I had an ATCK tell me one time that language is such a limiting thing...this as we were sitting around his dinning table with his nieces and nephews who are completely bilingual.

  3. My mother tongue is English and I'm learning Spanish. Annoyingly, I find myself turning "B" into "V" on English words. Well, time to do my bacuuming.