Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Topic: Advice before moving

From a reader who is preparing to move overseas:
What would be your advice to someone about to move abroad/afraid to move abroad?

I think we have some older posts about this question. We can link to those in the comments, too.

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  1. Find out as much as you can about the area, talk to people who have been/are there, don't expect it to be like 'home', embrace the change, pray lots, then pray some more! ;). And know that wherever you are God is.

  2. My advice is--on one side--just do it! Don't be afraid. Step out in faith and enjoy the adventure.

    And on the other side, prepare as much as you can. Don't do it blindly. Visit first, if at all possible. Start on language, talk to others....

  3. Great advice!
    Other points... to add...a few cents...
    *be prepared for trials and persecution.
    *look up culture shock.
    *have a prayer group back home, and then also a group of personal, safe people to really really really talk to. About the deeper things.
    *Bring what brings you comfort. God wants us to rely on Him, but He also gives us good gifts! You will not regret packing that kindle, or favorite movie, or comfort tea, or downloading Skype, etc.
    *Read missionary blogs and biographies before you go.
    *Make sure all is right with God.
    *Get your spiritual armor on. You will be attacked. Old sins, demons, struggles, insecurities, etc. will come up. Be prepared. Write down lessons you've learned in God, your favorite bible verses, and speak/write truth to yourself about your vulnerable areas. When emotions are yelling at you and you cannot hear the voice of God, return to the truth He gave you-then you will hear Him clearly again and be ready to listen, not give in to self/lies of the enemy.
    *Reach out to others but be careful. Pray for discernment. Don't let loneliness etc. drive your friendships, still be wise and discerning about who you trust with what.
    *Know that God will provide. You will experience this in amazing but sometimes difficult ways. Embrace it, love it, grow from it.
    *You're not alone. We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses...we stand on the shoulders of those before us...and we have the Helper in us, always loving us as our Abba.