Monday, February 24, 2014

Ever seen a baby lizard dressed in Polly Pocket clothing?

I have. I wish I had a picture… But I don’t. All I have is the memory.

And that memory often gets me thinking about this fact.

Sometimes, we missionary types take ourselves a little too seriously. We want to
  • be effective,
  • impact lives,
  • not just do what we do well but very well – if not perfectly,
  • look good while doing it,
  • maybe garner a few more ministry partners, and
  • have at least a few great stories to share.
We sometimes forget we’re just ordinary folks serving an extraordinary God, often in not-your-run-of-the-mill locations.

My son is off for his freshman year of college. One of the things that so impressed us about the university he is attending was their rather extensive program and system of support in place to help international students and TCKs transition to this new phase of life. During his most recent trip home, I was asking him about his friends, and in particular, if he spent much time hanging out with his fellow TCK-types. His comment went something along the lines of, “Yeah, I do hang out with them sometimes. But sometimes I get tired of being part of a group of people that thinks they are more special and unique than everyone else. Sometimes, I think they’d be more fun if they’d just get over it.”


But back to my lizard story…

I don't just write for Missionary Mom's Companion... and today I've ended up scheduled to post both places on the same day! So...

Pop on over to a life overseas: the missions conversation... to read the rest
of this lizard story as well as my thoughts about ordinary missionaries and tcks.

I'd love for you to jump on in, join the conversation - here or there, wherever you are most comfortable; I so appreciate your input!


  1. Great post, Richelle! I wish you had pictures of those lizaards. How do we remember we're just regular people? I don't have any great answers. I think those weeks when it seem like I don't do anything but home school or take care of a sick kid remind me that I'm just a normal mom, just able to contribute my drop in the bucket here.

    1. And then we must remember to thank God for those reminder times... and keep on dropping those drops and encouraging others to do the same, eh?

  2. such a good reminder, as always! Thanks!