Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter in Color

In Latin America, everything is done in color, and Easter is no exception! Our family has started a tradition of viewing the colorful "alfombras" (carpets) which fill the streets each Good Friday. These alfombras are made of sand and sawdust which is dyed and used to create beautiful images depicting Christ's life and death. Many people get up at dawn to begin work on their space, and they spend all day in the bright sun creating a vibrant carpet where the Good Friday procession will pass on their way to evening services. We love taking the time each Good Friday to remember Christ's death, and enjoy the culture where we live.

Here is some of the color we saw in the streets yesterday:

Happy Easter to those of you who will be celebrating tomorrow! How does your family celebrate? What traditions have you incorporated from your host country to make Easter more meaningful for your family?

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