Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Sleeping and eating schedules

On Ashley's blog Shilo asked: My kids’ sleeping and eating patterns are the things most affected by transitions. It seems to happen not just with major transitions like home assignment and return to the field but also with smaller transitions like going to field conference or traveling to visit churches. Any advice for helping them through this?

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  1. I'm kind of surprised that this question didn't get tons of answers. We've had the same problems in our own family.

    For babies, with sleep, I've tried to help them be more flexible, and even trained some of them to sleep on my shoulder or under a light cover while at home, because that can carry over into any situation so easily.

    For eating patterns, I try to keep snacks handy. It was really nice when we were traveling this summer and having to be really flexible with meals. People would invite us over and apologize that it would be so late for little children or whatever, and I was able to say that it wouldn't be a problem, because we could just give them a snack before.

  2. I think we all have the same problems and are hoping for someone out there with some answers. :-)

    I, too, have struggled with this missionary phenomenon.

    I like your ideas, Phyllis.

    We carried a tent for our oldest the first time and a child sized cot for the second. She still struggled to sleep well and most of the time ended in bed with us because she was scared. We carried a nightlight (which was really hard NOT to forget) and plugged it in everywhere so that the night time light was the same.

    We did have snacks, but sometimes we didn't and that was torturous, for her. Our youngest was just born and so he hasn't had the privilege, yet.

    I like the snacks idea, keeping them handy.

    I would like to see someone help with sleep issues, like dreams or being scared. That's what she most often said. Understandable if you are in so many strange places.