Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Sermons online

I stayed home from church with a sick baby on Sunday. That's pretty common for me, and often I'll listen to a sermon online. This week I actually listened to the week before from my own home church and realized that I should do that more often. I really enjoyed it, and I feel like it would help strengthen my ties to them even more. So, I have a two-fold question for you: Does your own home church provide sermon audio for you? (If it's online, please give us a link. This is your chance to "advertise" a little for them.  ) And, how do you find time to listen to anything in your home? I've tried setting something up while I wash the dishes or do other work, but I am usually interrupted so many times that I give up.

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  1. I'm hoping others comment because this is a resource I've never taken advantage of. For some reason I have a hard time getting excited about listening to sermons. Am I unspiritual??? I can't figure out WHEN to do it: mornings I walk and pray, while doing cooking or housework I prefer worship...

    I hope others will comment.

  2. I have been wanting to listen to more sermons, but it always seems to end up just being good intentions without any follow through. My husband is off island right now, so I have some extra time in the evenings. I've been working my way through these sessions http://www.truewoman.com/?id=2204
    and have found them to be such a blessing. I put one on while I wash dishes and clean up the kitchen in the evenings.

  3. My husband and I listen to a sermon together on most Sunday evenings. We take turns choosing sermons from either my home church (https://www.graceky.org/sermons), our sending church (http://www.1agbn.org/sermons.html) or our family of churches here in the UK (christcentralchurches.org).

  4. Funny you should bring this up! I was just talking with my husband Noah about this. I always felt like I couldn't listen to sermons with the kids around. But then I remembered that as a kid, my mom always turned on Chuck Swindoll in the mornings as she did her kitchen work. And you know what, we listened! Not to the whole thing, but I remember catching nuggets here and there as a kid. So that's what I did the other day. I was working through unpacking some suitcases and turned out one from a pastor at one of our supporting churches (http://fbcofer.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=338&Itemid=221). And my boys sat and listened for a while. The other thing that used to get me is the whole getting interrupted thing. But really, how many of us with little kids actually get to listen to a whole sermon on Sunday anyway? And the beauty of the audio is you can pause it or go back if you need to:) So I am going to be trying to get the computer down to the kitchen more and listen more, especially since church for us is in our second language.

  5. Kitchen work and ironing are my sermon listening times. Our home church sends a CD of all the past months sermons which is a super, super nice thing for them to do. We also check out several churches that we like and download sermons from their websites.

    Joy in Nepal

  6. I can usually only get 10 or 15 minutes of listening to a message before someone needs something, but I've decided that a little snack is better than nothing, and eventually I'll be able to get a whole meal :)

    Serving Jesus in Kenya

  7. Here are my church's sermons. My secret to listening last week was to put on a cartoon without sound in one window on the computer for my toddler and to play the sermon sound in another window for me. Probably wouldn't work with an older child, but this one was enthralled.

    I find that when I get interrupted over and over, I usually just give up (or forget to turn it back on), and never get back to it. I'm going to try harder to listen to my home church, though.

    Also, I don't think it is unspiritual at all to not listen to or even not enjoy sermons. Spiritual food can come from different sources, and feeding on our own straight from the Word is more important than listening to another person. Plus, people are different, and we have different learning styles. Personally, I would usually rather read than listen to or watch something.