Monday, November 4, 2013

Who's your hero?

One of the things I love about home assignment years is watching my kids try some things that are totally new to them... and then seeing how they grow through those new experiences.

Choir/Drama Tour, both a learning and a ministry opportunity for students attending the Baptist academy they attend while living in the States, is one of them. Tonight, the tour opened with the first performance, at our home...or sending... or commissioning church. Tour consists of the school's choir and drama class collaborating for a performance - and traveling around the State over the course of three days to perform eight or nine times in different Christian schools.

My girls, although part of the drama class, do not have parts or stage roles in the drama. They do sing in the choir, though, and so they will be gone the first half of this week, on tour!

The play that is being performed this year is based off of the lives of John and Betty Stamm. The Stamms were a young missionary couple who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in China with China Inland Mission.

Are you familiar with their story?

I wasn't - until some years ago one of my son's math teachers at the international school for expats and missionary kids where my children attend while we are overseas, with the last name of Stamm, mentioned that he was a part of THAT Stamm family.

The Stamms' story is tragic; yet it also inspires. And until just few years ago, it was unknown to me. Their story did motivate many to missions service and continues (if the response at church tonight was any indication) to encourage others to selfless service.

Looking at the past, remembering historical examples of ministry, service, passion for the Lord, bravery, devotion and sacrifice? Sometimes I find this a good way to re-stoke the wholehearted commitment to the call God placed in my heart years ago. It encourages me to persevere and to refocus my attention and intentions. But then again, so can looking all around me, at the amazing people God has placed right beside me and with whom I'm working and ministering. Or I consider the ministries of amazing people scattered all over the globe, right now.

What about you? Who is your missionary hero... or heroes?

Can you please share about someone... historical or present day... that inspires you? A flesh and blood someone whose story as a Jesus-follower motivates you to hold fast to hope and to continue pursuit of that purpose for which you are serving?


  1. I've had a couple of "heroines," stories that I return to time and again as who I want to be when I grow up: Gladys Aylward, Isabel Crawford, Helen Roseveare. Then, there was this older couple who, for their 50th anniversary gifted each other with a 6 month term of service on the backside of the Sahara. And I could list others... Reading about or actually meeting such people - it always reignites my passion and desire to serve, wherever the Lord has me at that moment.

  2. Amy Carmichael was always one for me, too. Isobel Kuhn--I loved how she and her husband really focused on discipleship/godly family relationships, not just numbers and numbers of people saved. I don't know WHY my dad and I talked about the Stamms when I was about 5 or 6. I remember standing at his desk talking about being martyred for one's faith. Probably it was that he was explaining that it was not just something that happened in the Early Church, but something that was ongoing. For many nights after, I remember wondering if I would rather die by a sword, or by a bullet.

    When I applied to Bible College, one of the questions on my application was "Who is your hero?" I wrote about a lady I respect highly. She was an MK who first went to the field as a tween in the 50s, was with her parents for one term, then mission policy required she and her sisters stay in the US for high school, even though there were good educational options in the city on the field. They chose to submit to authority, and she and her sisters lived in a home for missionary children, she finished high school, went to Bible College, worked there at the college and seminary for a few years, then returned to her parents' field, but to a different part of the country, to work in a Bible Institute. Eventually her parents' poor health brought her to their city, and she made decisions about teaching on a semester by semester basis. Eventually she moved to the city her parents were in, and took part in their ministry. Once the Lord took her parents home, she stayed on, working with her brother and his wife, and other co-worker. She assists in training Sunday School teachers in various seminars, developing Pre-school Bible Curriculum for use in church nurseries, helping plant and grow local churches, and spending much of her time and energy on loving the Lord and loving people. The main thrust of her parents' ministry was to their own people--Jewish immigrants who had a huge mistrust of Christianity. "Aunt Dee" has loved people for years--one lady for over 40--regardless of whether or not they choose her Savior. I want to be like her. Details of my life are different, particularly because I am married and have children, but her attitude of love and willingness to put others' needs first are something I can emulate. :-) Elizabeth

    1. thanks for sharing, Elizabeth... Aunt Dee sounds like a lady I'd LOVE to meet!

  3. Mildred Cable,
    Amy Carmichael,
    Isobel Kuhn,
    Darlene Deibler Rose,
    Lillias Trotter,
    Ann Judson,
    Elisabeth Elliot,
    Sabina Wumbrand,
    Maria Taylor,
    Grace Fabian,
    Margaret Paton,
    My Mom,
    so many others


    1. love how your mom made the list! and it's a great one... amazing women!

    2. Yup. Always was on my list, but after I was grown my parents went overseas as m's. Been there 14 years!


    3. my inlaws retired and then headed overseas. 2 terms until health and family responsibilities called them back. my mil is with the Lord now... but i have incredible respect for the sacrifice i know she so graciously made.