Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday topic: Food stories

Alyssa said: I would love the hear stories about how different families adjusted to different foods, especially with the children. What funny stories do you have about thinking you were buying one thing, but it was actually something different? About trying to find something like ketchup, or like peanut butter? We are new to our country of assignment and are in this phase now, so I'd love to hear other's stories.

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  1. :-) We never every assume a pre-packaged meal claiming to be something we recognize actually is :-) My kids have adapted quite well to food here we had bean and okra sandwiches for lunch and it wasn't until I was doing dishes i realized that my five year old was chanting about loving lunch and that it was something she wouldn't have eaten stateside. :-) The thing we eat the most of here that we never thought we would is cow and goat and sheep intestines....tastes like ground beef (really) and guinea foul which really tastes like chicken.

  2. I love it Amie! I've found the same here, that my kids will eat stuff they never would have in the US, where peanut butter was a ready option. We've been here almost a month, and I finally (!) actually bought the right kind of ground meat. We had ground ham for our first chili... ha.

  3. Oh, and we eat oatmeal (that we have to cook on the stove) every morning, because cereal is so expensive here.