Monday, May 27, 2013

Ever changing

Change? That word and I are in a love-hate relationship. Right about now just about everything is changing in my life except the country I live in ... that changed last year. I don't resist change, but it takes me a little while longer to adjust to the "new." 

Some of the changes are welcomed, but sad at the same time. We are in the last three weeks of school. I am counting down the days to summer along with my daughter, Ashleigh. As soon as the school year ends many of my daughters friends will be moving back to the states for the summer and others for good. A missionary school is like a revolving door. 

Please pray for the students and families as they say good bye. 

On June 2nd my son will be moving "home" for the summer. Ok, to be honest, that was one of the times when "change" and I were in the hating stage. It's been a huge adjustment with him not being here this past year. The more accurate description would be painful or possibly heart-wrenching.  I feel loss and joy all at the same time. One thing for sure, there will be much loss felt in the pantry with Jordan home! I can't wait to cook for him and with that said, I have become my Grandmother! She wasn't happy until she cooked and everyone was eating!

Please pray for us to have a smooth transition and for Jordan to feel rested and refreshed. 

The list goes on, but with all the outward changes, I know there are many inward changes that need to take place. Those seem to be the hardest, right? But with everything changing, God remains the same. He is my ever constant rock and I cry, "Change me, Lord!" 

"The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection.
He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety." 
Psalm 18:2

What about you ... How do you deal with change? How have you dealt with children leaving the nest?


  1. The anticipation of my girls leaving the nest is something I just try to shove right out of my mind. I sure admire you for the strength to get through it, but honestly, it's feeling really close (oldest just started her junior year), and I'm going to keep my head in the sand a bit longer. ;) As for change, as long as we're together, I kinda love it. The unknown is terribly exciting. Mind you, definitively BAD changes (we've had some of those the last few years) aren't nearly as fun....

  2. I haven't been there yet either, but in two short years, our son will be going home to school. For now, we deal with the heartwrenching good-byes that my teenagers face each summer/fall as some friends depart. I like your take on change: God can use these things to change US! I'll have to tell that to my teenagers! :-)