Sunday, April 14, 2013

Guest Posts Wanted for Missionary's Blog

I'm posting this at the request of Arabah, who has written a great guest post for us in the past.
Hello fellow missionary moms! My name is Arabah Joy and my family and I serve in East Asia. We are blessed to have lived here eleven years. I also blog (at and my readers have specifically requested hearing from others on the field! My readers love missionaries and are great at support, prayer, and encouragement. It would be a pleasure for me to introduce them to you and you to them and let you be a blessing to one another.

So... I'm looking for guest posts! It could be the story of how you were called to the field, how God has used you on the field, a lesson God has taught you, or how He has encouraged you in a difficult time. Or it could be your "funny story." :) This is a great opportunity to exalt the Lord and bless others.

Posts should be between 500-700 words and include a bio (with family photo and links if applicable). Posts should be emailed to  You can also email me if you have questions!

Thanks, friends!

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