Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blog news: a new series and more!

We have had a behind-the-scenes flurry of emails going back and forth, and I'm really excited about the season ahead. There are several new authors (and a new baby!) to introduce. Plus, we've filled in a pretty full calendar of posts for the months of April, May and June.

Right now, I'll just introduce you to the newest idea here....

My personal favorite part of this community is when we can dialogue a little and get to know each other better. In that vein, our new series is "Getting Acquainted." (Or can someone come up with a more creative name for it?) We're going to interview each other on Saturdays! Each week we'll post a little bit about one of us. This will be more than just what is on the contributors' bio page; maybe we'll include some little known facts or unusual experiences or special areas of interest. That's the "teaser" to get you going in the comments. Once you know a little bit more about the person being introduced, what do you want to ask her? If you could have her over for tea or coffee, what would you discuss with her?

So, um, I'm going first.

If I came to visit you, what we probably talk about...

First, I'm an absolute Slavophile. That started as a love for Russia, but God is stretching my heart further. You'd probably hear me talking about my beloved languages, literature, culture and history. But, if you're not so interested in this part of the world, would you like to know about my first missions trip? It was to a completely different part of the world, one that still holds a good part of my heart, too. (Hint: its initials are PNG. )

Second, homeschooling: I was homeschooled myself, I homeschooling my own children, and I help others homeschool now, as I work with Ambleside Online. But then, so as not to be exclusive, I also just love to learn about education in general; I did spend two lovely years working in a Russian school. So, we could just talk about "pedagogy" in general, if you wanted to.

Now, it's your turn. Post the questions you want to interview me with in the comments! What do you want to ask? Anything in the bit above pique your interest, or do you have something else you want to know? I'll collect them and do my best to answer next week, before introducing you to the next interviewee. (Also, if you don't want to comment, or can't, feel free to send your questions straight to me:


  1. The former teacher in me is curious. How was your experience in the Russian school?

    An idea for this series title? What about "Meet the Missionary Moms?" :)

  2. Maybe this is kind of funny, but I'd love to know what sorts of foods your family eats! I personally really enjoy Russian food and a number of things have gradually worked their way into our family's menu, but we still cook mostly American since it is what I know. I'd love to know if over the years you've started to cook more Russian/Ukrainian or if you adapt Russian/Ukrainian ingredients to cook American dishes?

    Also, do your kids feel more Russian or more American? I always find it fascinating how MKs identify themselves, and I wondered if since you speak Russian at home if your kids view themselves as Russian?

  3. I'd like to know when you first knew you were supposed to be a missionary? When did God place that calling on your life... and was it immediately and always to Slavic countries?

    I echo Chrysti's question - I've been doing observations in local schools here and working with some of the teachers... so I'd love to hear what you experienced and what you learned from it/thought about it.

    Also, what do you love most about being a missionary mom? And what aspect of this life drives you the craziest?

  4. I liked Richelle's questions! And I'd like to know your best trick for language learning :)

  5. I'm curious about the culture there. We live in an area with lots of Ukranian immigrants, and over the 2-3 generations they've lived here, they've managed to blend a bit into the Latino culture, but still maintain a strong sense of their own identity. (Although how they adjusted from such intense cold to our ridiculous heat, I don't know.) So I'm wondering what things unique to Slavic culture I can find to talk about with my neighbors... holidays, typical foods, etc. Also curious to hear your answer to the education questions already mentioned. :)

  6. I am excited about this new series... and about getting to know you better, Phyllis!

    One of my questions for you if we could sit down together with some tea would be how and when your love for all things Slavic began? And, (because I always love these stories), how did you meet your husband?

    And, finally, what area of ministry are you most passionate and excited about?

    1. I just added answers to these last questions, too. I'm sorry for missing them on my first try!

      Thank you again to everyone for the great questions!