Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Topic: Creative presentations

Chrysti asks: How do you share your ministry with churches and supporters? What creative ideas do you have? My husband works in IT, and we used an old server to explain how each part of the computer helped different ministries within our own organisation.

This topic reminds me a little of some that we've had in the past. You might also be interested in reviewing the wisdom offered here (about including children in presentations) and here (connecting with supporters while you're on the field).

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  1. Good question!! We try to always incorperate a story. Not just statistics or numbers, but stories of how the ministry we are a part is being used by God. People connect with people, not numbers, so to put names and faces with what you are doing is really great. And we try to come up with a compeling piece of information, like "One week of camp is 127 hours of concentrated discipleship time. That works out to about 2 years of Sunday School!" Wow! And one last little thing we do is try to give people something to talk with us about after the service. So often people want to talk with the missionaries, but they don't know what to say. Give them something to ask you about. Like one time my husband said, "After the service, come ask me about the time my wife jumped at off a platform at 8,000 ft!" It worked! People came and asked!

    1. Oh, I like the asking question idea. How fun! :)

    2. These are great ideas... think I need to take notes!

  2. We have done various things, but we enjoyed starting our presentation during our furlough with a power point of a multiple choice quiz about the country and culture we live in and about our ministry. We included answer options that would spark discussion or just be funny. Each slide had an interesting picture we could talk about, too. People got really into it and it was a fun way to start the presentation.