Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blog news

Merry Christmas! Does it seem weird for me to start off like that? It's Christmas Eve today in Ukraine and Russia, and maybe a few other countries. So, I'll wish you all a good one.

We've been busy behind the scenes here. Posts are planned out for the next three months. There is a new team member for you to meet soon. I meant to update the contributors page today, but I just didn't get to it. I will soon. We also have a blogroll now. Look above for the link to that, and come add a link to your own blog. Chrysti made us a beautiful blog button, which you can grab from the right side of this window and add to your blog or page to spread the word about this community here.

I've been so busy.... Surely I'm missing something I meant to mention? If so, I'm sorry. I'll remember later.

I'm excited to start into 2013 with you all!

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  1. You guys are amazing! Love the button and the blogroll. I can't wait to meet the new contributor and to read the posts you've all planned. Thank you for the awesome community that you've built!