Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Discipleship and literacy

From a reader: I would like to hear some discussion on discipleship. What are some unique ways you have found for discipling? What suggestions are there for discipling illiterate people? If you have taught someone to read, how did you go about it??

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  1. Our field is stepping into the Biblical Orality arena... and sharing a story orally is fabulous for discipleship! Here is one of our missionaries telling a Bible story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyfShm8fJTs&feature=g-user-u

  2. On our field, most people (90%) are literate, but probably 50% are not really functionally literate. They can read, but can't really understand or learn from books. So I'm interested to see what others share.

    Next month I'm going to a story telling seminar and can't wait to learn more about this.

    One thing I do, not teaching people to read, but how to have a quiet time, is to do it with them whenever I see them. We read one section of scripture (not a chapter, it's too long) that comes under a title until the next title, and then we stop. We read it twice and then we both pick the verse that speaks the most to us. We share it and pray.

  3. We are currently dealing with us through a Discleship Training School that we are doing through our association with YWAM El Salvador. One of the students was grew up in a government run home for youth and he did not receive a good education. We got him the Bible and have given him an MP3 player to use so that he can listen to the Bible. We also have had a staff person working with him on basic literacy as well as helping him to have a quiet time by reading through chapters of the Bible with him. It is very challenging, but it is giving us a unique opportunity to disciple this young man.