Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Together: Discussing frantic questions and gentle answers

I've really been enjoying Sarah's current series of posts. We'd love to hear from you along the same lines, with anything you'd like to share about your own experiences. To get us going, here are just a few questions, but feel free to go in other directions, too:
Did you have a honeymoon phase when you got to your country, or did you go straight to a time of frantic questioning? What were those questions and how did God answer them? Are you dealing with any frantic questions now? What are some gentle answers you have heard, that you would like to share with us?


  1. No honeymoon period for me! I jumped straight into questioning! God continually answered me...I am here, I am enough, I am the answer... and He also re-taught me how I am trained, and that we are often a sheep amongst the wolves...

  2. Yep, I also had no honeymoon phase. At our cross-cultural training they took the mothers aside and shared an altered version of the stages of cultural adjustment. It was basically the exact same as what everyone was expected to face, minus the honeymoon phase (meaning, entering into life in the "pit of despair" part of the process). I found that warning so helpful, but it was still so so hard to begin our life here. God spoke to me a lot during those times, often just teaching me to have the freedom to lay myself before Him honestly in my utter weakness. I had tried so hard to be strong, and I moved overseas with a subconscious determination to remain strong, but I was broken and learned that in my weakness the Lord truly is my only strength.

  3. I literally had no honeymoon phase as I moved here just before our wedding and hit the ground running. Looking back i can see that depression like culture shock took over me especially in the first yr of both missions and marriage. It's hard though even when we know that it's the enemy attacking, to get perspective and allow God to encourage you. Thank you for sharing this i need to be more honest with god and allow him to do more in and through me.