Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Together: A Day in the Life...

No one volunteered to write up a day in their life, so you'll have to hear from me. Maybe this will break the ice so that someone else will want to do the same soon.

As a foreword, I grew up in a homeschooling family. There was a very popular homeschool magazine that featured a different family on the cover each month. Then, inside that issue, it would follow them through a day in their lives in great detail. I always thought that was the fun part of the magazine; now I know that at least some moms found it intimidating, though. (They did always seem to be perfect families!) That's obviously not what I want here. I just think it would just be fun to see how very similar and very different all of our different lives and locations are and get to know each other a little bit more. Yes?


I'm just going to tell you about yesterday here. Real life:
Our day started off very early when our son burst in to our room in the wee hours of the morning to announce that his sister's new pet rat ("he" was named Martin the Warrior; any other Redwall fans out there?) had given birth to five ratlets? ratlings? whatever... five baby rats! So, Martin is really Marta. Fortunately, we were able to get back to sleep after that bit of excitement.

We actually got up and moving a bit later. My husband made breakfast for us and went out to pay for another month of internet, since it was the first day of the month. The rest of us ate and then took care of our ducks. That means breaking the ice on their water, filling it up with hot water, feeding them, and collecting eggs.

Then we got a slow but good start on school. Every day with start with "Morning School," a time when I read aloud and work on memory verses and such with all four children together. Then the youngest was dismissed to play, while the older ones worked on math and music and history readings. We kind of dawdled and dragged through school, after a very busy weekend, but at least we got something done.

Honestly, there wasn't much excitement yesterday (except for the rat!), and sometimes that's really good. After school we had:
--husband left for the office
--quiet time when the youngest sleeps, next older listens to audio books, and the rest of us read.
On Mondays, while it's still quiet time, I send our oldest off to his piano lesson, then a little later our second child leaves for her music literature and theory classes. On other days there are art classes or other music lessons. They all go to them on their own, though. I just have to get them out the door at the right times and headed in the right directions.

When quiet time ended, I took the three children who were home out for a little walk and some sledding. Littlest got whiney fast. He hasn't resigned himself to mittens yet this year. So he and I went back for hot chocolate and starting on dinner prep. The others stayed out to continue sledding with a group of neighborhood kids.

A little later the sledders returned, and we did some reading aloud and painting. Then my husband came back from the office, with our daughter, who he had met up with when her time at music school was done. We ate dinner, did some cleanup around our house, and then settled in for an Advent reading.

Then it was already time to brush teeth and head to bed. All four children share a room, so one of us sits and supervises to be sure they actually get to sleep, instead of partying. My husband did that, while I sat at the computer, worked on this post, and enjoyed a quiet cup of tea.

And that's that. A very ordinary day in the life of Phyllis.

How are your days similar to mine? What is very different? Who wants to share a day in your life next, probably next month? What else do you want to say?  

And now your assignment for next Tuesday: we're going to share our homes and some thoughts on "home." To start with, if you want to, please send me a photo of your current house or apartment, preferably from the outside for this time (fylliska@gmail.com). I'll compile those and post them, and then we'll discuss. Thanks!

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