Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Topic: Patriotism?

Are you patriotic about the country you live in? The one you came from? Would you fly a local flag or make other outright statements about where you stand? What about your children? How well do they know the little patriotic things of their passport country (anthem, flag, etc)?

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  1. Last summer when we were in the States, our son was watching Fourth of July fireworks and proclaimed that it was: "just like Christmas!" because fireworks are traditionally set off at Christmas in El Salvador. They do learn American History at their school, but the cultural aspects are something that we try to instill. They do know the Salvadoran pledge of allegiance better than the American one at this point!

  2. As my kids got older, studying American History has helped them to learn more cultural aspects of being American. They see their mom cry every year on MLK Day as we listen to the "I Have a Dream" speech on youtube. I even cried over reading "The Gettysburg Address." We read "The Declaration of Independence" often on the 4th of July, and last year we watched the "John Adams" mini-series.

    We also TRY to remember to get out our Turkish flag and hang it from our balcony for national holidays here.