Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Hint of the Bigger Picture

There are days when the thought of my kids being TCKs is hard.  There is a part of me that cries a little when my almost 5 year old asks me while watching The Snowman, "Mom, what are they doing with the snow?"  Being from The North, snow is in our DNA and here my kid doesn't understand the concept of making a snowball.  Sigh.

But then there are moments like this last weekend, when I realize they are getting such an amazing perspective on the world.  They will grow up knowing how to make a snowball, but also how to do things like speak Spanish, and Surf.  What?  Yeah, that ain't something you can do in the North.  Ok, well, technically, you can surf in Lake Michigan in November (No.Thank.You.) Anyway.

Surfing from nlkamper on Vimeo.

It was good for me to change my perspecitive a bit, again.  To see once more the gift that this life gives to my kids.  To see for a brief moment how God is placing my boys into a bigger world, preparing them for Something, for His plan, and it made me excited again to see what He is going to do with them.

What about you?  What moments have you been able to glimpses the bigger picture with your kids?  And what is your favorite opposite moments (you know, like the fact my boys can make snowballs and surf!)


  1. had one of those moments this week as my kiddos were skyping with brit friends... just laughing and chattering away - and listening to the things they talked about. there life is so different and so rich - don't want to say better - but amazing, because God is amazing and He loves these kids and cares for them.

    liz - this was such a fun video. thanks for sharing it. loved the music too - J Garrels is a fave with our family. my kiddos were surfing in lake mi in july... in fact, i think i may have put a couple of those photos on the last post i wrote for this site. :-)

    1. Yeah, different, and rich...that's a good way to put it! And so fun you know J Garrels! All his stuff has been the soundtrack to my life the last year! I used to rock/bounce/walk Quinn to "Farther Along" for hours at a time when he was an infant! And so fun your kids got to surf in the Big Lake! What part?