Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Topic: Your mission leaving

From an anonymous reader: Have any of you had your ministry organization decide to pull out of the country where you are serving? How did you deal with the emotions of this? What next steps did you take?

It's not quite the same situation, but this question reminds me of two posts from the old Missionary Moms blog: Dissolved I and Dissolved II.

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  1. we are going through something similar right now, our mission isn't pulling out, but has merged with another. There are all sorts of emotions connected with this, so good, some bad, some ugly, if we are going to be completely honest :) We are watching the events carefully, and taking our time. There is nothing to say that in a year we won't find a new agency, but for now we are praying and taking it one step at time to see what will happen. Hard. Very hard...and in the process normal life needs to continue. Praying for wisdom!