Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Internet time

Do you plan your internet time in any certain way? At a specific time of day? If you are a blogger, when do you work on that? Any tips on using computer time wisely?

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  1. My computer time is something that I struggle with... but when it comes to blogging, I generally try to queue up my posts for the week. I try to write them all at once if I can to save time!

  2. I try to limit my "fun" computer time, such as games, surfing, facebook. I've tried to stay away from places like Pinterest, only because I get lost there and soon an hour has passed! So I try to limit all the fun stuff to a some time in the morning and then again in the evening. Trying to limit it to less than 2 hours of fun time altogether - we'll see!

  3. I love that you brought up this topic! My general rule is to not spend extended time online except for when the kids are sleeping, and not at the expense of time with my husband. My temptation is that sometimes there are things that I need to do quickly during the day (or feel like I need to do) and I can then easily give into the temptation to do other things since the computer is on when I should be focused on my kids. One thing that I should do is just keep a hand-written list of things that I should do online the next time i am intentionally online because I find that often I get on to do quick tasks because I am afraid that I'll forget something.

    When I was blogging more regularly, I also tried my best to plan posts ahead of time when I could. Otherwise I'd either write during naptime or after the kids went to bed. I was also just ok with letting the blog go when it didn't fit into my priorities.