Friday, January 29, 2016


Good Morning sweet sisters. 
How does this fine Friday morning find you? I am excited.
I feel like letting out a war cry. 
A open mouthed hallelujah!  God be praised.
That could be awkward though for my daughter, as I am sitting at her basketball practice.  

I have not written in a while.  

A long while.  

A really long while if I am going to be totally honest. 
I have been longing to get back into writing.  Today is the day that I emerge from my rest.
( Deep breathe in…and out )
Let me explain a bit….
When you LEAst expect it…WhackSent into a total tail spin.  Totally blasted with an attack that seems incredibly Unwarranted.  From the least likely of sources. 

Have you ever felt this kind of disoriented?

You know, like if you were twirling your hair, blowing a big pink bubble, 

enjoying the cool breeze of the Mediterranean Sea 

and a relief plane drops 200lbs. of blankets
square on your iPhone!

 For a week you have no Google translate. 



Your world stands still.
(Go here with me, close your eyes and picture it…)

How do we recover from a wound inflicted from one of our own.
 One of the trusted?
A beautiful child of the most High King. 

I just walked this out.
(I am so grateful that I just chuckled OUT loud after typing that)
Whew, I survived.  
I am thriving once again. 

Actually I was thriving the whole time. 

I struggled  desperately to maintain courage in the smoke and mirrors. 

Holy Spirit delivered wisdom was my bread.  His Word was water to my weary frame. 

Continuing in loving kindness was my weapon of warfare. 

My families growth in the past 2 years has been astounding. 

I remember telling people after we returned home after 5 years in the field that either we were going to perish ‘over there’ or come out closer than ever to each other and to God. 

Having walked through an attempted assassination from the accuser of the brethren was 

no walk on the beach.  

Let me tell ya.  
But, Father is all about relationships, and so I am learning to be.

The enemies strategy only made me stronger, more steadfast and capable of deeply loving people. 
 Deep, passionate love that i was not capable of or new existed prior to the all out attack launched on my family...

I think the betrayal made me need God on a different level. 
Like, really really need him. 
'For reals' as my daughters say.

My heart is reaching out to yoU RIGHT NOW.
I can see your tears falling when I close my eyes. 
I can feel your brokenness taking shape. 
How can this happen to us, you might say. 
You will never be the same after this.  
I remember thinking….
How will I add THIS to my testimony. 

But, I did.
One beautiful opportunity at a time. 
I remember feeling so out of my element. 
Convicted to not talk publicly, as not to undo the work of the Gospel in our city.  Bound by the goodness of a God that reminded us daily he had our back and not to run away.  

Our marching orders were written in red.  
Bless, abide and keep the bridge open to reconciliation no matter the cost. 
He has unique marching orders for all of us.  
They revolve around His loving kindness.
My experience has shown me that this fruit is the sweetest.
Bless, come in the opposite spirit and take it one day at a time. 
Believe that it is better to have been Reimagined, than stay the same he told me. 
Have an incredible Friday, I will see you here next week and I just might get my personal blog up and running again! 

Father, I ask today that you would comfort the afflicted.  That wounds would continue heal today. Restoration of hearts would be seen.  Testified to, and Glory would be given you your name.
Healing I ask for in the name of Jesus.  
I love you sisters, it's a love I am honored to have stumbled into.

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