Saturday, March 21, 2015

Book Review: When Africa Was Home

I'm always on the hunt for great kids' books.  I love finding ones with wonderful illustrations, great stories, clever words and ideas.  I love how books can be such a conversation starter for kids too!

We just were introduced to this great one When Africa was Home by the amazing folks at MTI.  Our boys love it!  I ordered our own copy and they asked me to read it four times the first day we had it.

It's one of the only books I have found written from the perspective of a TCK.  It's about a boy from the United States who spends most of his life in Africa.  When his father's job ends, they have to move back to the US, but for this little guy, the US is not home, Africa is home. 

The illustrations are lovely and while my boys think of Costa Rica as home, they could relate to lines like "How could he climb a mango tree with shoes on?"  It has provided a lot of good moments to talk about what they miss about their host country and how they feel about being in the US right now for home assignment. 

When Africa was Home  is now out of print, but you can find it used on Amazon and 

What books have you found to be helpful for your kids as they navigate being a TCK?


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