Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's New in the New Year?

Happy New Year, missionary mom friends! We hope and pray for an abundance of the Lord's blessings upon you, your families, and your ministries in 2015!

We are so thankful for each one of you who are a part of this global community of women, and we wanted to share some exciting things that we as contributors have been discussing behind the scenes!

The contributors here at Missionary Mom's Companion are simply a group of missionary mothers with a deep desire to encourage and support other moms who share a similar life and calling. We all know how as women we thrive in community when given the chance to share life together, encourage one another, and to share ideas and advice. We also each fully understand how life overseas can be isolating in many ways, especially for mothers. That is why it is our desire to offer this space for missionary moms to gather, be encouraged, and to enjoy community with other missionary moms from around the world.

As we've talked about our vision and purpose, we feel that God has shown us that our role is not necessarily to speak to the general needs of missionaries on the whole, but to really focus on the unique issues relating to being a mom on the field. As we kick off the new year with a re-launch of the blog, our desire is to focus even more on our own special niche with hopes of bringing you encouragement and support for your uniquely challenging role as a mother on the mission field. 

As social interaction on the internet changes, we too are seeking to grow and change as well. With social networks being an increasingly popular way for blog communities to connect, we've been working on developing our Facebook community and are seeking to provide opportunities to connect there, as well as here on the blog. We invite you to go and "like" our Facebook page and join in our conversations! In the future we may expand to other social sites as time allows.

As we step into this new year, we are also launching some new features to provide more opportunities for deeper connection. One such feature is "Tuesdays Together," where we hope to share about our lives, connect over coffee, share book recommendations, and more. Many of us here have connected for years now, and have forged meaningful friendships from across borders and oceans, and we are working on more features to help encourage just this sort of connection.

Also, we always invite your feedback as we would love to know how to best serve you. This site is here for you and we would love to hear any an all suggestions about how we can best use it to meet your needs! Feel free to leave messages in the comments, to connect with us on Facebook, or to email or

Happy New Year and we look forward to growing in community together in 2015!

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