Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I've been thinking about Tuesday Topics, not wanting to say goodbye to them, and also getting excited about some other ideas. Here is what I have come up with:

(Thank you to everyone who helped with the brainstorming!)

Instead of always the same kind of discussion, we'll now have "Tuesdays Together." The focus will still be on interacting with each other, but it will come in several different formats. I want to rotate through them.

We'll still have Tuesday Topics, as the questions come in. So, please send them to fylliska@gmail.com. These are topics, usually practical ones, that we discuss together in the comments on each post.

Then I want to add a format where we give a conversation theme one week and compile everyone's thoughts about it for the next week. These will be deeper, chattier topics, where we invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and get to know your community a bit better when you have some time to sit and read a bit. These will be our Coffee Chats, and I'm basing them on something Ashley hosted several years ago.

Another one--I still need a (clever?) title for this--is where we share some of our daily life. We'll share about daily details of our lives, our homes, our surroundings, and more. I hope we'll include photos at least sometimes.

Also, books! and other reading material. Once in a while, I'm just going to ask what you're reading. Those posts will be a place to share what you've enjoyed and been encouraged by lately.

That's where we're headed: Tuesdays Together, discussing practical topics, "sharing" cups of coffee or tea, inviting each other into our daily lives, and telling about what we read. Does that sound good to you? Which one do you think you'll like best? Is there more that we should add to the rotation?


  1. Tuesdays Together! I love this idea!!! And I love the idea of rotating different ways to share life together. I'm excited about all of the options. Thanks for giving such good thought to how to use this blog and coming up with this great new way to connect.

  2. Hey Phyllis! I love this idea too. Sounds like a variation of Tuesday topics with a more personal twist. I look forward to spending Tuesdays together! I'm interested to learn people's daily routine and also what books they've read!