Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Topic: Poverty elimination

I'm sorry it's been a while since I've posted a discussion topic. No one has sent any in, and I haven't had the brain space or time to come up with my own.

What can you share about "poverty elimination" efforts? Have you been able to help in that area, or do you have any failures you're willing to share that we can learn from? Any good resources to recommend? I just read When Helping Hurts, and, while it was very helpful, I still have so much I want to talk through with people who have more knowledge and experience than I do!

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  1. Well certainly our goal in being here (Nicaragua) is to help with the economic situation... but it's through a true business rather than traditional missions work. My husband has his own computer programming company and works for clients in North America and Europe and hopes to train some Nicaraguan apprentences to help and offer them a fair salary for their work which would greatly improve the living situation for some people... I think "poverty elimination" is best accomplished through real workable business solutions... but that's not to say we shouldn't have compassion on the immediate needs of the poor either!! It is sad to know that you can't feed everybody every day and just solve the problem for good, but even Jesus did say "you will always have the poor with you"...