Monday, January 13, 2014

keepin it real ...

As I was praying about what to write, my latest blog post for my personal blog kept coming to mind. 2013 was, by far, one of the hardest years I've had to endure, but God. Wherever we find ourselves, whether in the states or abroad, in lack or abundance, in sickness or health ... He is our anchor. He is our rock. He is our peace. He is our healer. He is our provider. 

I pray that today you take a moment to stop and breathe. Bask in His love. Rest in His peace.

Breathe ... that's just what I'm reminding myself to do at the moment. Breathe

Just Breathe. 

The first week of 2014 has been a whirlwind of emotions, saying good-byes, tears, bad news, a few impossible situations and really leaning on God because there have been moments when I literally didn't think I could stand any longer. And as I was forwarding the picture below to my email so I could use it in this blog post, I found the following quote ... 

"Your legs may be weary and your heart may be heavy and your questions may be many, but whatever you are facing, it is always named Mount Moriah: "The Lord will Appear, The Lord will be Seen, The Lord will Provide." 
-Ann Voskamp

God is so right on time, isn't He? and I breathe again because He is. 

Simply because He is. 

So, in a span of 4 days Dale, my husband, left for the US and will be in the states for 7 weeks ... yep, 7, Jordan, my son, went back to school in Stuttgart and for some reason it felt like I was saying good bye for the first time ... heart wrenching, tear soaked cheeks. The house was quiet after Dale left, now Jordan ... pin dropping quiet. Along with them leaving, a couple of bills arrive that are larger than expected and I realize that our giving report is, let's say, not so good news.

Feeling like I'm being overrun by a "bigger than life size wave," I run to the bathroom to wipe my eyes and there it is ... written on the window in the bathroom "THE KEY IS THANKFULNESS." That has been on our bathroom window since we've moved in. The previous renters, now pastors in Australia, wrote it. It's a great reminder so we've left it.

2 Choices ... worry or be thankful .... 

I put the leash on the dog and went for a long walk around our village. As I walked, I thanked God for everything. Take a step, thank God, Breathe, repeat. I prayed out loud around the entire village and I was about half way when tears began streaming down my face, not from dread or worry, but because I felt such a calmness cover me. I smiled, laughed, cried and thanked Him the whole way home. Each day I choose to give thanks. 

Pretty simply, huh?             Be thankful.               Put your focus on Jesus.             Ride the wave. 


  1. Oh Cherie, thanks so much for this reminder to BREATHE and give thanks. May the Lord give you peace and grace while your husband is gone.

    I need to hear this because right now our support is a bit low, and the last six months, it seems like everything we own has broken. Last week my cell phone broke, the oven broke, and yesterday my vaccuum broke. Crazy. We've been here 12 years, and quality control is LOW in Turkey, so I guess it's unavoidable, and I want to keep giving thanks in all circumstances.

  2. Cherie! Just weeping for you guys. .. He knows the road you take. The Lord wanted me to read this to remind me that the little things we do in his name count even writting on steamed windows. So glad our paths crossed beautiful one <3