Thursday, August 29, 2013

Personal Wellness Day

(New public exercise equipment near our apartment building)

While I was in college, I think I experienced true stress for the first time in my life. I know that isn't exactly true, but it was probably the first time that I remember often using the phrase "stressed out" in relationship to myself. So, in an effort to combat this stress, I instituted the tradition of periodically taking what I called a "Personal Wellness Day." I'd skip my classes for the day (I planned my days when it wouldn't be problematic) and kept my schedule clear of any other obligations and from morning to night I'd do only things that would promote health. By health I mean spiritual, emotional, and physical health. So I'd spend extended time in the word and in prayer, exercise, eat healthy, sleep, and often spend time talking with a good friend. It was amazing how helpful these days were and for how long their effects lasted.

So, though I can't usually take a Personal Wellness Day, my husband is wonderful and often will watch all of the kids when I need a Personal Wellness morning or afternoon, etc. Here is my most recent one.

Why, yes, I did do a brief work out in jeans! In Russia, you can do stuff like that and it's totally fine. I didn't have a place to easily change clothes afterward, so I went with a tad bit of discomfort. (I did, however, put my purse down.)

 After the work out I headed to a cafe with my Bible, journal, notebook, 
and such for a time in the word and prayer.

 Yummy latte and plum tart over my Bible study.

Spending time with friends is always something that really refreshes me, but I also know that I need time alone. In order to have both without the temptation to just hang out with a good friend the whole time and miss my alone time, I often will call a good friend on the phone. This time I talked to a wonderful Russian sister in Christ and was so encouraged by her!

Ok, I guess the physical wellness part went a little bit out the window after the workout. I tried to go to Subway, but it was out of business, so yes, this is Burger King! I read some of a Bonehoffer biography while enjoying a Whopper. Let's just call it soul food. 

Do you take "personal wellness days/mornings" or something similar? If so, what refreshes you most and what are your secrets for making the most of those times of rest?


  1. yes!! It started back when we lived in the woods of MI, and the closet thing to a coffee shop was a McDonald's 20 minutes away...but, it was open at 5 am and it had I would sneak out before everyone was awake and could sit with the computer and write and be home before about 9 am (I am a morning person:) Now I do something similar, but the McDonald's opens at 7(ish, or sorta when they feel like it) here. So I can't sneak out quite as earlier, but I still do get out every so often. The thing that does it for me is to be able to have a complete thought, to write a complete article or email without being interrupted and to just enjoy a cup of HOT coffee in peace and quiet.

  2. What a great idea! Personal Wellness Day. I love it. Mine are more sporadic. I used to take my computer to a coffee shop and write. Now I sometimes go to the park with my Bible and notebook. I like to take a day about twice a year for planning, evaluating and goal setting. I'm not always consistent about looking at goals I made later, but at least setting them out and thinking about it helps me think about where my life is going.

  3. Yes! As an introvert, living in a small-ish apartment with lots of people around a lot, this is essential for me. It's been a while since I had a whole day, but sometimes my husband will give me a few hours to sneak off to a cafe with my Kindle, or (even better) take the kids out of the apartment for an afternoon. For me, it's mostly about checking out mentally for a while... no phone to answer (I mute it) no children to direct/correct/talk to, no chores hanging over my head or meals to cook. I just think, and pray, and relax, and savor solitude. I NEED it for my own sanity. I'm a pretty good at concentrating, so I can easily do Bible study/devotions at home, same with writing and correspondence. It's the solitude I crave. Great topic!

  4. I'm totally inspired to make this happen! :)

  5. Amazing! This blog is really worth reading. My time were never wasted staying in here. Great shared thoughts. Keep it up dear!