Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Topic: Goodbyes

My own question: Do you have any tips for good goodbyes? How have you said farewell when you have moved from one location to another? Or how would you do that ideally?

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  1. boy, good question!! We try to get a lot of the physical work out of the way (the packing, closing down living in one place) before the last week or so. We try to be intentional about saying spending time with people and visiting places that are important to say goodbye to. You know, that last run to your favorite restaurant, or visit to the park or whatever. Just being intentional. Taking pictures is also important to us.

  2. Sometimes when you know good-byes are impending, it can be natural to put up your defenses and pull back from the relationships a bit. But I think it is even more important to spend time with those people at that point! Make more memories together, like LIz said - be intentional about it. We try to have a meal with those close to us and go over what we want to say to them, just in case it is the last time we meet face-to-face. It doesn't keep the heart from hurting any less, but I'm always thankful for the "last" few moments with people I care about.

    It's also important to talk about it with our kids - a lot. To be honest about our own feelings about hard good-byes but then to remind them (and us!) that our God meets our needs, satisfies our longings, and walks with us through our grief. Sometimes I have my boys make cards or help me bake something to give when we are saying good-byes.