Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Preparing ahead

For this month I am using some ideas that Olive suggested as blog topics. Since most of our writers are taking a break, I'm going to let you write about these subjects each Tuesday!

Do you have any practical tips for getting things done in advance to make Christmas Day (or any of the big days in this season) less stressful?

(If you have a “Tuesday Topic” question, please email it to me at fylliska@gmail.com. Provide your blog address if you would like to be linked to, or specify if you would like to remain anonymous. Thanks!)


  1. May we focus on Christ, and His unspeakable gift, to receive His perfect peace & joy! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  2. Half or more of our Christmas day is usually at church, so I make a special stew that we love every Christmas that I just have to warm up when we get home. All the the cooking is done ahead of time, and any other food is some holiday sweets or special snacks that we rarely have.

    Play lots of Handel's Messiah!

    Joy in Nepal

    1. I've been putting on one of these versions of the Messiah almost every evening lately. It just plays in the background, and we can watch/listen in little bits as we have time.

  3. I keep gift wrapping supplies in a large shopping bag, so I can get it out at wrap a few gifts every couple of days. Little by little I get it done. Years ago, I would stay up late on Christmas Eve wrapping.

    I have also downsized baking to keep in enjoyable, just one or two different kinds of cookies.

    I prepare some ingredients the day before our Christmas dinner: chop vegetables, grate cheese, make sauces etc. The prep. depends on what I'm cooking that year! Blessings to all of you.